Trendy Ankara Jumpsuit | Peacock Print


Trendy Ankara Jumpsuit | Peacock Print

Is a beautiful quality made jumpsuit and unique Trendy Ankara Jumpsuit | Peacock Print. Buy Now. Limited Edition.

This smart piece is perfect for work or any smart casual event.  Made form high quality Danish wax print 100% Cotton.

Chitenge, Kitenge, Ankara, Danish wax its all the same vibrant beautiful fabric we love.  We make sure we use high quality fabric that will last years.

We limit the number of clothes lines we put out, simply because nobody wants to show up at t he party wearing the same thing as others.

Hand Made African Print Attires

We strive to use authentic materials in all our garments.  Our outfits are all hand made by excellent tailors.


Kitenge Fabric is so versatile.  Worn as a wrap around, baby sling, hair tie or sewn into a beautiful outfit for night or day, there are no limits to kitenge fabric.  Many of our inspiration comes from all cultures, using Greek silhouettes or classsic Alexandra McQueen or the simplest shape, the vibrancy of kitenge fabrics brings life ad colour to any design.

  • In Malawi, Chitenjes are customary for women at funerals.
  • They are used as a sling to hold a baby across the back of a mother. They can hold the baby at the front as well, particularly when breast feeding.
  • Chitenges are given as gifts to young women.
  • They are sometimes tied together and used as decorative pieces at dinner tables.
  • When women go to the beach, often the Chitenge is wrapped around the bathing suit for modesty or to shield cold air.
  • Chitenges can be framed or otherwise hung up on the wall as a decorative batik artwork


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